About Us

MAX MOBILI LETTO is a division of Max's rooms, well-known brand of Furniture in Massimiliano Teifreto.

The project MAX MOBILI LETTO proposing its articles and models, to optimize space and to solve the increasingly common problem of tight spaces.

MOBILI LETTO offers easy solutions, making the most of the available space within an apartment.

Here you can find:

  1. Convertible single beds
  2. Convertible king-size beds
  3. Convertible three-quarter beds
  4. Convertible bunk beds
  5. Convertible standard double beds

All lines of beds are convertible to disappearance.

Hundreds of solutions are expecting you from Max Mobili Letto, in Via Sansovino in Turin.

Specialized Center Bedrooms Kids, and Ergonomic Furniture

MAX MOBILI LETTO is also specialized in:

Bedrooms Kids: www.maxcamerette.it
Ergonomic Furniture: www.mobiliergonomici.com




Max Mobili Letto is a vast display of furniture, furnishings, Space Saving Single Beds, Double Beds, Bunk Beds, Small Double beds and European Double beds. Exhibition and sale in Turin.