Convertibile beds

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The convertible beds from Max Mobili Letto mark the beginning of a new era in the conception and organisation of spaces. With convertible beds it is possible to save precious space and make your home more comfortable. Max Mobili Letto knows its business inside out and the wide range of solutions on offer enable it to respond to the most specific requirements in a logical and professional manner.

Come and visit our convertible bed showroom. You won't regret it!

Space saving single beds Single beds adaptable to any space, for every need, for every taste. Modern and classic styles, our models are unique, unrepeatable, aesthetic. Read more...

Space saving double beds To better optimize the spaces, what's better than a space saving bed, capable of making an environment more liveable.
Max double beds are among the most modern and functional. Come and visit us in Turin. Read more...

Space saving Small Double beds Small Double beds to please everyone. Too big double bed? Too small single bed? Do not worry, Max Mobili Letto has ther right solution for you: a small double bed. Read more...

Bunk beds Unique solution when we need two beds and the spaces available are limited. The cabinet bunk bed has solved problems for many families, making livable small spaces. Come and visit our models in Turin. Read more...

Space saving European Double beds Max Mobili Letto has as objective to identify the best solution for the customer. The European double beds in many case represent the best answer to the space problems. Read more...